One Day Tours

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The One day tours I offer usually starts in the morning about 8 o'clock, and I will safely have you back at your hotel about 5 o'clock

During the tours, please don't hesitate to tell me if you like to make an extra stop. I like to customize the tours so that you feel 100% satisfied at the end of the day.

You will find all my one day tours in the menu on the right.

The tours must be fun and giving for you


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This is a very populuar trip to the home of Kunta Kinteh. We start at 8:00 in the morning and head for the Banjul ferry terminal where we will cross the river to Barra. From there we will go to visit James Island, the infamous center for slaves some 200 years ago.

Today the island is a part of UNESCO's world heritage, just like the pyramids and other big buildings and areas that is important to save for the future.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages

This tour, you must do during your stay in The Gambia

Fathala Reserve

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The Fathala Reserve is a park in north Senegal.

We start our journey at 7:30 in the morning to cross the Gambia river by ferry and then continue toward Karang just across the Senegalese border. We stop in the village of Toubacouta in Fathala. It is possible to see a lot of animals in the park such as giraffes, zebras, antelopes, water buffaloes, rhinos, birds, and much more. We will be driving around in the reserve in our four wheel drive, that way we can come really close to the animals.

New 2013 - Visit and take a walk with the Lions (Contact me for special price if you like to visit the lions).
As from this season visitors to Senegal needs to apply for VISA before entry. Contact me for more information.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages

An awesome one-day safari in Senegal


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At 7:00 we will depart and head south, through Senegal, for Guinea-Bissau and one guaranteed different experience. Our destination is the village of Sao Domingos where we'll visit the market and have a look around the town. We'll have lunch in a good restaurant. Before departure you will need to get a visa stamp at the Bissauian embassy in Banjul. This tour is all inclusive so the visa fee is included in the price for the tour as well as all meals.

Tour include complimentary food, beverages and visa fee

One guaranteed different experience


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This is a trip to the Makasutu park just 45 minutes away. On the tour we'll see a lot of baboons and different birds. We will meet a fortune teller and it's also possible to make a boat trip on the Gambia river for 45 minutes and then back to the park. We also visit the palm wine tapper where you will be able to try the palm wine called jungle juice. In Makasutu there will be cultural dancing after lunch. On our way back we also visit King Kombo where they make alcohols from fruits with different flavours.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages

The baboons are so amazingly cool

South Senegal

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We start at 7:30 in the morning and head south, via Brikama, to the Senegalese border. You'll get a stamp in your passport as we cross the border into Senegal. We will make a boat trip in the mangroves where you will be able to spot pelicans. After that we will drive to Kafuntain for lunch and the chance to have a dip or just relax on the lovely sand beach. On our way back we will travel along the old smuggler's route and also make a stop in a Senegalese village. Minimum 4 persons.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages

Take a dip in the sea or just enjoy the beach

Snake Farm

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This is an adventurous day out where we visit the snake farm in Kartung, about 35 km away.

The farm belongs to a french citizen who lives in the bush with his family. There are many animals in the farm and snakes of all kinds. Some snakes are kept behind transparent glass, the rest you're allowed to touch.

Do you like snakes? Take this tour

SOS Childvillage

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Half day trip to the SOS childvillage. A guide will show you around in the village and tell about SOS childvillage work inte The Gambia. If you have som clothes or schoolmaterial you can bring them and give them to SOS.

Thank's to SOS childvillage alot of children from The Gambia in need gets help.

An interesting tour that gives a lot.

River Excursions

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Gambia River Excursions has a vast range of half day excursions in the Greater Banjul area. My excursions are departing from Denton Bridge in Banjul and ending in Lamin Lodge. Minimum of 2 persons.

Independent travellers might prefer to take Lamin Lodge as both their point of departure and of arrival. Alternatively they may decide to join one of the scheduled trips leaving from Denton Bridge.

Birds and Breakfast excursion

One of my most popular trips is the Birds and Breakfast excursion, which is scheduled on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays. After a quick coffee in Lamin Lodge, you will enter a dugout canoe who will take you through the vast labyrinth of creeks that surround the village of Lamin, where more then 70 different species of water birds have been recorded. Two hours later you will return to Lamin Lodge where you can enjoy a breakfast buffet. After breakfast you will continue your search for morning birds in the gardens of the neighbouring village of Abuko.

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Sunset Cruise

Another favourite is the Sunset Cruise, leaving from Denton Bridge every Monday, wednesday, and sunday at 4.30 p.m. After a welcome drink on board you will cruise for 1. hours through the mangroves of the River Gambia. A small band playing traditional kora music makes the magic of an African sunset complete. Upon arrival in Lamin Lodge you'll be standed a tasty buffet of both African and European specialities. The evening will be completed by the performance of Mandinka dancers and drummers who will invite you to share their cultural heritage with them. Who dares to dance ...

Who dares to dance ...